This Week's Schedule
February 19, 2017
Mass Schedule

Saturday, February 18th
9:30 a.m. Baptism Class at OLLH
1:30 p.m. Wedding at St. Anthony:
Les Volmering and Christine Pfeilstucker
3:30 p.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation at OLLH
4:30 p.m. Mass at OLLH for Michael Gehring, given by Terry & Connie Kramer; O’Neil bap-tism during Mass
Sunday, February 19th
8:30 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Leona Roberts, given by the Wrubel Family
10:15 a.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Anthony
10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony for Marilyn Essenmacher, given by Stella Miller
Tuesday, February 21st
6:30 p.m. Mass at OLLH for Barb Lemanski: Special Intention-Happy Birthday!, given by Lu Lemanski
Wednesday, February 22nd
8:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony Hall Chapel for Edward Gehring, Sr, given by Ron Roggenbuck
Thursday, February 23rd
8:00 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Frances Dickerson, OLLH Students attending, followed by Eucha-ristic Adoration until midnight
Friday, February 24th
7:40 a.m. Rosary for Evangelization
8:00 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Blair Gornowich, given by his family
Saturday, February 25th
3:30 p.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation at OLLH
4:30 p.m. Mass at OLLH for June Pawloski, given by the Harbor Beach Senior Citizens
Sunday, February 26th
8:00 a.m. Rosary for Marjorie Wruble, by the Knights of Columbus
8:30 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Lawrence Kranz, given by Dan & Matilda Messing
10:15 a.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Anthony
10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony for Paul Stacer, given by Calvin & Judy Stacer

Ministry Schedule

February 25/26, 2017
4:30 p.m. Mass
L: Gabe Del Rosario
H: Cindy Oparka
C: Arlene Ramsey
C: Carl Taus
C: Marge Essenmacher
C: Bob Sopczynski
A: Reece Wruble
A: Amelia Capling
A: Miguel Del Rosario
U: Dan Essenmacher
U: Dan Lemanski
U: Allen Kozfkay
U: Dave Booms
G: Mony Draher
G: Dan Essenmacher
8:30 a.m. Mass
L: Kathy Kirsch
H: Amanda Hallock
C: Marcelino Moreno
C: Lori Murawske
C: Regina Wruble
C: Madelyn Stacer
A: Nichole Gornowich
A: Lily Gornowich
A: Andrew Weber
U: Dan Roggenbuck
U: Paul Wehner
U: Bob Swartz
U: Wade Mazure
M: Volunteer?
M: Ron Wolschleger M: Donna Wolschleger M: Sharon Mausolf
G: Pat Murdock
G: Deb Wruble
10:30 a.m. Mass
L: Carol Fisher
L: Paul Holdwick
H: Pat Roggenbuck
C: Mick Roggenbuck
C: Richard Hessling
C: Nancy Hessling
C: Judy Stacer A: Logan Messing A: Carter Messing
U: Doug Volmering
U: Paul Learman
G: Dave Kramer
G: Janet Kramer

L: Lector
H: Host
C: Chalice
A: Altar server
G: Greeter
M: Money Counter

Parish Organizations & Meetings
Early Bird Bingo Games…Every Sunday 7:00 PM
School Committee Bingo…Every Sunday 8:00 PM
World Apostolate of Fatima...Every Monday 9:30 AM
Legion of Mary……Every Wednesday
9:00 AM
Christian Service.....First Wednesday
6:30 PM
Mass/Benediction....First Saturday 8:30 AM
Liturgy Committee…Second Wednesday 6:30 PM
Youth Gathering……Third Sunday 6:30 PM
K of C Council #11432..Third Wednesday 7:00 PM
Men’s Club…………Fourth Wednesday 8:00 PM
School Committee…....Fourth Thursday 6:00 PM
Parish Council………...Fourth Thursday 7:30 PM

Fr. Bill's Corner:

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time:
Scripture summary from the Ordo: “Offer no resistance to one who perse-cutes you (G). Rather, love your neighbor (1) as you love yourself. As the Lord is gracious and merciful (Ps), treat others in the same way, humbling yourself before the Lord (2).”
My Upcoming Medical Leave of Absence:
Correction on the dates: The radiation on my forehead will last five days a week for six weeks, starting February 21st and go until about April 5. When I come back after that will depend on how I feel when the treatment is over. I understand the last two weeks will be the most difficult. Please pray that all goes well and no complications arise.
As I mentioned before, Fr. George Amos, a Nigerian priest, who has been living and serving in Saginaw has been asked to come and serve Holy Name of Mary Parish while I am gone. He will be coming back on Tuesday, February 21st to begin his assignment here. Please welcome him and support him, as I know you will! Thank you.
Building and Grounds Committee:
1. We are checking with a Liturgical Consultant about the statues and the arrangement in the Sanctuary. (The same consultant, who is working on the renovations to the Cathedral in Saginaw, will be visiting us this week around Wednesday.)
2. Discussion about the Church steps continues. (I see that they are getting worse.)
3. Work in the OLLH Church vestibule will begin when the plaster dries.
A Forgotten ‘Thank You’:
I apologize that in the past Corners I did not thank Dave Messing from W. S Steel at 6234 Rapson Rd who made the Christmas tree stand for us this past Christmas. The stand is just what we needed for that big tree!
Thank you Dave!
Lenten ‘Soup Lunches’:
Other years we have had ‘Soup Suppers’ during Lent one evening a week. This year the Committee decided to try Lenten ‘Soup Lunches’. So, at least for the first four and maybe the fifth Sunday after the 10:30 AM Mass at St. Anthony, the Committee will be holding Soup Lunches in the hall in Hele-na.
Besides the home-made soup for lunch, you will be treated to a video on Angels. Why Angels? After the Alpha Course, an attendee meeting was held to determine how the Alpha program went and to answer the question, “What’s next?” The largest response was that more should be presented on the spiritu-al aspects of our faith. So, as has been said, “Angels are certainly spiritual, so let’s find out more about angels?” So, the first Lenten Soup Lunch on the sub-ject of angels will be held on March 5th.
N.B. - Committed Eucharistic Adorers Needed at OLLH:
We’re getting there! But, we still need one additional scheduled Adorer for the following hours: 11am-12pm, 4pm-5pm, 7pm-8pm, and 11pm-12am. If we do not get one additional adorer for each of these hours, we will have to discontinue some of those hours, e.g. 11-12pm. I will make this decision soon. Please call me at 734-255-5478 to discuss a possibility for adoring at one of the open hours. Thank you for your support of this important minis-try!

Holy Name of Mary Announcements:

EVANGELIZATION: Coming in Lent… Sunday Soup Lunches. More info soon!
COFFEE, JUICE & DONUTS will be shared Sunday, Feb-ruary 26th in the church basement after the 8:30 am Mass at OLLH. Everyone welcome! Thank you to the Knights of Co-lumbus for hosting this gathering.
ADULT CHOIR will practice on Monday, February 20th and February 27th at 6:30 p.m.
CHRISTIAN SERVICE: Food baskets are available in the back of both churches. If you are in need, please take some. Christian book baskets are now in the back of both churches. If you have an extra Christian book you would like to donate or you see one in the basket you would like to read, please do so. Also, we welcome men and women to join us and become a member of Christian Service. Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 27th at 6:30 pm in the school library. If you are interested in joining our newly revitalized group or would like more information, please call Lori (989-712-0909) or Tina (479-9083). Everyone is welcome!
CARD PARTIES hosted by the Daughters of Isabella will be held on Sundays, March 5th, April 2nd, and May 7th at 1:00 pm at the Bad Axe K of C Hall. $6 admission. Cash priz-es and hot lunch included. Proceeds benefit OLLH School.
HOLY NAME OF MARY MEN’S RETREAT for 2017 is scheduled for March 10th-12th, Friday evening until 1:00 pm on Sunday. This years theme is “ I call you my friends”. We still have several openings. Men, do something good for yourself! For info and to sign up, call Dan Lemanski at 479-9560. Thanks!
GREETER UPDATE: Dan Essenmacher, the new coordi-nator of the Greeter Program, is inviting parishioners of all ages, who enjoy meeting people, to serve as greeters. Youth through senior citizens, or whole families, are encouraged to consider the possibility of serving in this valuable ministry of welcoming all to worship at Holy Name of Mary Parish. Please give Dan a call at 479-6305 if you would like to volun-teer or if you have any questions.
MINI PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT BINGO will start out at $583 plus that nights sales. Bingo within 56 numbers and win the jackpot! Early bird games start Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Bingo starts at 8:00 p.m. Sponsored by the OLLH Bingo Committee for OLLH School Athletic programs.
OLLH SCRIP PROGRAM orders may be dropped off at the Parish/School office at any time. Next order will be placed on March 13th. Please have orders to the office by 8:00 a.m. Meijer, Little Caesars, Walgreens, Subway, Walmart, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s Food & Family are in stock in the office.
OLLH SCHOOL is still collecting Box Tops for Education. We are no longer collecting Spartan or Campbell’s labels or empty ink cartridges. Thank you for your support!
WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! Please like Holy Name of Mary Parish on Facebook. Stay updated on news announcements and events. Get an electronic copy of the weekly bulletin. Please share HNOMP Facebook page with your friends and family. Thank you.

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