This Week's Schedule
October 6,, 2019
Mass Schedule

Saturday, October 5th
8:30 a.m. Mass for the people of the parish, Devotion, and Confessions at OLLH
4:10 p.m. Rosary at OLLH
4:30 p.m. Mass at OLLH for Reta Pollum, given by Gail & Dennis Burkhard
Sunday, October 6th
8:30 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Walter &
Minnie Cook, given by Gary Malchow
10:15 a.m. Rosary/Confessions at St.
10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony for Ron Roggenbuck, given by Linda Mausolf
Monday, October 7th
7:00 p.m. October Devotion:
Rosary Prayers @ St. Anthony
Tuesday, October 8th
6:20 p.m. Rosary Prayer/Communion
Service at OLLH
Wednesday, October 9th
8:10 a.m. Rosary at St. Anthony
8:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony for Donald Terbrack, given by Earl & Beatrice Booms
Thursday, October 10th
8:00 a.m. Student Mass at OLLH for Albert & Helen Wolschleger, given by Mary Ann Thomas & the Thomas Family, followed by Eucharistic Adoration until 11:00 p.m.
Friday, October 11th
7:40 a.m. Rosary at OLLH
8:00 a.m. Mass at OLLH for Lylan Ku-charczyk, given by the Knights of Columbus
10:30 a.m. Mass at Extended Care Unit
Saturday, October 12th
3:30 p.m. Confessions at OLLH
4:10 p.m. Rosary at OLLH
4:30 p.m. Mass at OLLH for Orville, Marie, David, and Loan Mausolf, given by Cindy Oparka
Sunday, October 13th
8:10 a.m. Rosary at OLLH
8:30 a.m. Youth Mass at OLLH for Jerry Wehner, given by Larry & Rita Wehner
10:15 a.m. Rosary/Confessions at St.
10:30 a.m. Mass at St. Anthony for the
people of the parish

Ministry Schedule

October 12/13, 2019
4:30 p.m. Mass
L: Clark Ramsey
B: Peggy Weber
C: Ken Weber
C: Marj Essenmacher
C: Volunteer??
C: Volunteer??
A: Nathan Koehn
A: Tyler Koehn
A: Miguel Del Rosario
U: Dan Bischer
U: Jesse Bischer
U: Dave Booms
U: Doug Booms
G: Bob Sopczynski
G: Carol Sopczynski
8:30 a.m. Mass
L: Amanda Hallock
B: Gary Polega
C: Lori Mazure
C: Pat Murdock
C: Ron Volmering
C: Ron Wolschleger
A: Dylan Zurek
A: Morgan Zurek
A: Brynley Zurek
U: Pat LaPine
U: Paul Wehner
U: Loren Mazure
U: Rodney Mazure
G: Madelyn Stacer
G: Wilma Braun
M: Sara Booth
M: Francis Schulte
M: Carol Sopczynski
M: Bob Sopczynski
10:30 a.m. Mass
L: Mike Sekerak
B: Pam Hessling
C: Debbie Roggenbuck
C: Doug Roggenbuck
C: Shaun Roggenbuck
C: John Roggenbuck
A: Kyle Pawlowski A: Kenneth Pawlowski
U: Doug Volmering
U: Brent Volmering
G: Dan Booms
G: Kim Booms

L: Lector
H: Host
C: Chalice
A: Altar server
G: Greeter
M: Money Counter

Parish Organizations & Meetings
Early Bird Bingo Games…Every Sunday 7:00 PM
School Committee Bingo…Every Sunday 8:00 PM
World Apostolate of Fatima...Every Monday 9:30 AM
Legion of Mary……Every Wednesday
9:00 AM
Christian Service.....First Wednesday
6:30 PM
Mass/Benediction....First Saturday 8:30 AM
Liturgy Committee…Second Wednesday 6:30 PM
Youth Gathering……Third Sunday 6:30 PM
K of C Council #11432..Third Wednesday 7:00 PM
Men’s Club…………Fourth Wednesday 8:00 PM
School Committee…....Fourth Thursday 6:00 PM
Parish Council………...Fourth Thursday 7:30 PM

Father George's Weekly Message

The Pastoral Guide, by Pope St Gregory the Great
Let the pastor be discreetly silent, and to the point when he speaks

A spiritual guide should be silent when discretion requires and speak when words are of service. Otherwise he may say what he should not or be silent when he should speak. Indiscreet speech may lead men into error and an imprudent si-lence may leave in error those who could have been taught. Pastors who lack fore-sight hesitate to say openly what is right because they fear losing the favor of men. As the voice of truth tells us, such leaders are not zealous pastors who protect their flocks, rather they are like mercenaries who flee by taking refuge in silence when the wolf appears.
The Lord reproaches them through the prophet: They are dumb dogs that cannot bark. On another occasion he complains: You did not advance against the foe or set up a wall in front of the house of Israel, so that you might stand fast in battle on the day of the Lord. To advance against the foe involves a bold re-sistance to the powers of this world in defense of the flock. To stand fast in battle on the day of the Lord means to oppose the wicked enemy out of love for what is right.
When a pastor has been afraid to assert what is right, has he not turned his back and fled by remaining silent? Whereas if he intervenes on behalf of the flock, he sets up a wall against the enemy in front of the house of Israel. Therefore, the Lord again says to his unfaithful people: Your prophets saw false and foolish vi-sions and did not point out your wickedness, that you might repent of your sins. The name of the prophet is sometimes given in the sacred writings to teach-ers who both declare the present to be fleeting and reveal what is to come. The word of God accuses them of seeing false visions because they are afraid to re-proach men for their faults and they consequently lull the evildoer with an empty promise of safety. Because they fear reproach, they keep silent and fail to point out the sinner’s wrongdoing.
The word of reproach is a key that unlocks a door, because reproach reveals a fault of which the evildoer is himself often unaware. That is why Paul says of the bishop: He must be able to encourage men in sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it. For the same reason God tells us through Malachi: The lips of the priest are to preserve knowledge, and men shall look to him for the law, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts. Finally, that is also the reason why the Lord warns us through Isaiah: Cry out and be not still; raise your voice in a trumpet call.
Anyone ordained a priest undertakes the task of preaching, so that with a loud cry he may go on ahead of the terrible judge who follows. If, then, a priest does not know how to preach, what kind of cry can such a dumb herald utter? It was to bring this home that the Holy Spirit descended in the form of tongues on the first pastors, for he causes those whom he has filled, to speak out spontaneously.
[From office of Reading 27th Sunday]
CROSS CATHOLIC OUTREACH: Please welcome Father Patrick Collins who will speak all the Masses on behalf of Cross Catholic Outreach which was founded to create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America. Please be generous in your response to Father’s appeal. Brochures will be provided if you wish to support this worthy Catholic ministry.
CHRISTIAN SERVICE BENEFIT SHOWER: I thank members of the Chris-tian Service and Book Club for a successful organization of this year’s benefit shower. I especially thank all donors for your generosity and gifts for the needy at safe place. Thanks to the ladies who were present at the event. The parish is grateful for your service especially the gift of your time and resources.



Holy Name of Mary Announcements:

SPECIAL THANKS: HNOM Book Club and Christian Ser-vice Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make our 6th Annual Benefit Shower such a success! We are happy to report that we had 55 attendees this year, who were treated to a delicious luncheon, great prizes, and a guest speaker who provided us with a lot of valuable information. Most importantly, Huron County Safe Place received 3 car-loads of material donations, in addition to a car-load of dona-tions from the Daughters of Isabella that was delivered prior to the shower. Also received was $335 in monetary donations and $435 in gift cards/TAT Bus tickets. Thanks again to eve-ryone who made this possible! Plans for next year’s benefit are already being discussed, so stay tuned!
HOG DONATIONS REQUESTED- Donations toward hogs/pork for the Ham and Sausage dinner are needed. If you are willing to donate, please contact Tammy Holdwick at 989-550-1988 after 6:00 pm. Thank you.
CRAFT ITEMS NEEDED- Craft Items will be needed for the Craft Table at the Ham and Sausage dinner. All parish members are encouraged to contribute craft items. The din-ner will be held on October 27, so there is still time to com-plete craft projects. Craft Items of all types are appreciated. You may drop them off at the parish office or at the Parish Center.
BOOK CLUB will meet on Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00 pm in the school library.
ADULT CHOIR will practice on October 14th at 7 pm and will be singing on October 20th at the 8:30 am Mass at OLLH. New members are always welcome!
UPCOMING EMHC TRAINING: A training session for those who wish to be certified as a Eucharistic Minister will be held in November at Saints Peter & Paul Church in Ruth. Date to be determined. To sign up, please call the parish of-fice in Ruth at 989-864-3649 and leave your name and phone number and you will be contacted when the meeting has been scheduled with the Diocese.
DINNER WORK SCHEDULE: The Ham and Sausage Dinner work assignments and raffle tickets are available. If at all possible, please pick up your envelope so we can avoid postage costs. Thanks.
END DISMEMBERMENT ABORTION: A statewide sig-nature gathering effort is now underway to ban the dismem-berment abortion procedure, also known as Dilation and Evacuation. Over the next few months, the signatures of 400,000 registered voters in the state are needed to bring this measure before Michigan lawmakers. Volunteers will be collecting signatures for the petition after all Masses the weekends of October 12th/13th. More information on the drive and how to get involved is available at
A ROSARY RALLY will be held in honor of Our Lady of Fatima for peace on Saturday, October 12th at Holy Name of Mary Parish, Our Lady of Lake Huron Church in Harbor Beach at 3:45 pm. Prayers and Rosary will be prayed before the 4:30 pm Mass. October 13th is the anniversary of the mir-acle of the sun when Our Lady appeared to 3 peasant children in Fatima. Please join us in prayer.
MINI PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT BINGO will start out at $1,100. Bingo within 58 numbers and win the jackpot! Ear-ly bird games start Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Bingo starts at 8:00 p.m. Sponsored by the OLLH Bingo Committee for OLLH School Athletic programs.

Prayer List

Magdalen Goretski Larry Mausolf Julia Teahen Cass Kramer Jim Kucharczyk Stephanie Cash Linda Wehner Kathleen Bradley Marilyn Hazel Abigail Rochefort Stan Roggenbuck Rose Marie Geiger DJ Will Michelle Will Colleen Stanowski Ed Cibulski Jon Wehner Cooper Hallock Denise Learman-Deitzen John Tenbusch Addison Stomack Thelma Schubring Derek Pfaff Mary Stover Doug Davis Bob Wilson Jodi Voss Roy Sulkowski Cheryl LaPine Gerald Weber Donna Poppeck Theresa Poppeck

Prayer List 479-3393